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The Custom House

Any directions as to where to go next will be in red and bold. Look out for these directions


Now named MyPlace, The Custom House is where you are standing now. The Custom House opened in August 1837 designed by G. Burlinson in a Greek Revival style. Originally opened as a coal exchange  housing  public rooms, offices and a hotel known as the Exchange Hotel. Notably the Duke of Sussex (Queen Victoria's uncle) stayed there for a banquet held in his honour. 

The building was sold to the newly formed Middlesbrough Borough Council in 1853, it was adapted to accommodate council chambers , justice rooms and 8 lock up cells. 

In 1881 the building was purchased by Customs and Excise to become a Customs house a role it played for 90 years before becoming a Community and Recreation centre in 1981

During this 1981 renovation, and now incorporated into the new structure,was a mysterious hidden passageway used by servants in 1830 when the building was a hotel, an old shop sign and a copy of the front page of the York Herald dated 2/12/1837 was found in the secret room

The Secret Room


The York Herald 1837

Now leave the Custom House and walk towards Commercial Street. Just before the footpath the next QR is on the railings to your left.

Page by Maria McGuigan

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