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St Hilda's Graveyard

Any directions as to where to go next will be in red and bold. Look out for these directions

Interments took place in the churchyard of the now demolished St Hilda's Church between October 1840 and October 1854 with one further burial taking place in January 1865. Today there is little evidence of the churchyard as all remaining headstone are laid flat or buried beneath the grass. Some are visible, please explore.

Charles Doderlain.jpg

This gravestone was placed by Charles Doderlain, British Consul to Mauritius, in memory of his daughter Lodoiska Doderlain Richmond. She was born in Mauritius (under French rule) about 1811 and married Captain Samuel Richmond, giving birth there to their son Louis in 1832. Lodoiska is the Polish version of Louise, Louis is the male version. He was baptised in Stepney, London, so clearly the family moved about a bit before settling in Cleveland street, Middlesbrough, close to the Bolckow and Vaughan houses. She died aged 42. 

Ann & Henry Thompson


Steve Waller's highly popular model (below) gives a perspective of where you are now. You are at the top left hand side of the graveyard. Ahead of you is the church and justr a little further ahead is the town hall, our next destination.


Details of all the burials in in the parish can be read in 2 volumes called “St Hilda’s Burials” which are available in Middlesbrough’s Central library reference section. It shows many if the deaths were of infants, some deaths simply say things “Aged 14 , killed by coal wagon” or “Drowned at sea” others “Died of starvation at sea”. 


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