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Painting by L.S. Lowry

Any directions as to where to go next will be in red and bold. Look out for these directions

You are standing at roughly the location where L S Lowry must have stood in 1959 to make the painting below. The scene is now hidden by the trees but as you walk on, the pictured Town Hall will come into view but the towering St Hilda's Church is sadly long gone. The Friends of Middlesbrough Art Gallery commissioned the painting and it can now be seen in Mima. Scroll down to view the painting and below that you will find a story about the picture coming Middlesbrough with the paint still wet.


There are two videos below. The first is the story of the painting. The next is from a man who, as a small boy encountered Lowry making his initial sketches.

After watching the videos continue up the incline swerving slightly to the left and look out for a footpath to the left

If you would like to hear the full version of this story and learn how the famous Lowry picture could have been an entirely different scene, go to the MyPlace garden where you will find the full video.

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