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The Captain Cook Pub

The footpath before you will take you down to the Captain Cook pub.

You may wish to visit later but for now continue along the road and to your left you will see a brick memorial. Beynd that across the grass, and on a lamp post you will see the next QR Card.


The Pub dates from 1840 and was designed by Robert Moore and features relating to Vaux Breweries. Interestingly the pub was used on the television programme Auf Weidershen  The pub remained in use up until recent years and then fell into disrepair up until 2019 and then the council made a decision to carry out a complete restoration of the property. The interior of the pub remains open to mixed use. Below is a picture of the captain cook pub in the 1920's and a photograph as it is now.

Following substantial works to the property to protect and preserve the building and its historical value Middlesbrough Council are seeking a long term tenant to occupy this Grade II Listed building (picture below)


Page by Richard Clayton

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