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Port of Middlesbrough

Look up to the left and you will see a big building; this is the Port of Middlesbrough.

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Originally known as Port Darlington, The Port of Middlesbrough's history can be traced back to 1830, when an extension of the Stockton & Darlington Railway opened to deliver coal from the Durham coalfields to the new coal export staiths in Middlesbrough. The Port is now owned by AV Dawson. Watch the video below from Gary Dawson as he tells you about the port and the birthplace of Middlesbrough. After that you can enjoy a video by Jane Hackworth-Young.

From the same port, in 1936 the SS Barbara set off for Russia with the first steam locomotive  to be delivered to Russia. Jane Hackworth Young tells the story below.

Now move on to the next information board, five metres to your right. (on the lamp post)

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Page by Catherine McPartland

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