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St Hilda's Town Hall

Following significant population largely associated with iron smelting civic leaders decided to commission a townhall. The site was a prominent area in the newly - established market place. The new building was designed by William Lambie Moffatt in red brick with stone dressing sand was completed in 1846. A four stage clock tower was erected behind the townhall.

The area went to become a municipal borough with the townhall as its head quarters in 1853. However in 1880 civic leaders decided to build another townhall in the south of Middlesbrough. The St Hilda's town hall remained in use until 1980's The photograph below is from the 1980's used as a library  and community centre.

Town hall 1980.jpg

Funding is being sought from the National Heritage Lottery Fund to bring the Old Town hall back into a viable commercial use for the digital and creative sector. The Rekindle Research group were treated to a visit to the old Town Hall. Below is a picture of the old council chamber.

You are facing  the side of the Town Hall. To your right is the front ( as painted by Lowry) To your left is the rear. Head to your left and around back where the Market was located. 


Page by Richard Clayton

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